Resilience at Work...

 Learn, Grow, and Thrive

in the Complex World of Work

Jean Stetz-Puchalski, founder of Individual Differences at Work, partners with motivated high performing leaders and their organizations to inspire executive excellence, conscious engagement, and promote personal and workplace resilience. 

Clients gain the awareness and the skills necessary to learn and negotiate issues relating to engagement, conflict, organizational or personal transition/change, and work-life balance.  Assumptions and limiting beliefs about work and personal success are explored. 

Success is measured by increased employee engagement, satisfaction, resiliency, improved performance, and increased alignment to personal goals (work-life balance, increased leadership potential, obtaining that next level of promotion, reduced stress) organizational goals, and business outcomes.   

Ask about workshops, lectures, individual and team leadership development coaching and organizational consulting designed to inspire and motivate leaders about how to be more strategic in delivering a higher level of performance and work-life balance aligned to organizational values and goals. 

As founder of Individual Differences at Work, Jean Stetz-Puchalski creates an opportunity for growth where inspiration, creativity, learning about the process of change, personal success, conscious engagement, organizational success and resiliency intersect bringing together the best in coaching and consulting solutions for high performing leaders and their organizations where work-life balance is a priority.  Contact Jean and join the many clients who have taken charge of how they show up at work and manage workplace challenges as opportunities for growth and promotion!


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